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Systems Management Retainer

Key Benefits

bulletAccess to IBM Subject Matter Experts1 on IBM Power Systems design and management.
bulletReduced hourly rates for normal work, during the business week.
bulletAccess to off hour and weekend phone and on-site support.

Additional Benefits:

Monthly On Site visit
A certified IBM Power Systems consultant will come to your location for a review of your systems.  Included in the monthly checks are:
bulletReview recoverability and back up planning.  Ensure that back up jobs are running as expected.
bulletReview and apply as needed cumulative and group fix levels, as well as individual PTFs
bulletEvaluate collected performance data to ensure peak server efficiency
bulletReview security logs and events and react as needed.
Reduced Rates for Contracted Services
bulletAs project work is needed, get first schedule priority
bulletReduced rate for Contracted services and waived trip and expense charges2
bulletWeekend and overnight rates do not apply
On Call / Standby Services
bulletOur consultants will stand by during critical operations or time frames for your operation
bulletThe normal stand by charge will be waived
bulletIn the event of a call, normal weekly rates will be in effect
bulletFirst priority for stand by time given to retainer customers


Reference Accounts

  • Please call!!  We have references for your review.

    1 IBM Subject Matter Experts are those chosen through a rigorous review process to assist IBM in creating the IBM Certification Exams needed for IBM Business Partners and others to represent the IBM Power Systems and IBM Software to customers.  Each of the SME candidates must have first passed the certification that they work on with an extremely high score(90+), but also are vetted by IBM and industry leaders as being a true SME for the area they work in.
    Local contracts only.  Local is defined as within 100 miles of the Agile Technology Architects office location.


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