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The Agile Enterprise


  This image is a Fractal Fern generated using a formula from American mathematician Michael Barnsley. He first described it in his book, Fractals Everywhere. The  significance is a visual reminder that a reiterative process such as Agile Development techniques, brings beautiful order from the edge of chaos.   The agile enterprise strives to make change a routine part of organizational life to reduce or eliminate the organizational trauma that paralyzes many businesses attempting to adapt to new markets and environments.  Because change is perpetual, the agile enterprise is able to nimbly adjust to and take advantage of emerging opportunities. The agile enterprise views itself as an integral component of a larger system whose activities produce a ripple effect of change both within the enterprise itself and the broader system. 1
Agile Technology Architects provides products and services that enhance clients IT investments in people and infrastructure.  Our Subject Matter Experts in IT Architecture and IT Management provide thought leadership services in:
bulletIT Management consulting.   Based on years of leadership experience and performance
bulletAgile/Scrum based application consulting services and education
bulletInfrastructure Architecture consulting and Systems Management Services


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        1:Holbrook, M. (2003). Adventures in Complexity. Academy of Marketing Science Review, 6: 1181. (Holbook, 2003)


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